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Grow your confidence

This week I’ve heard from, students, teachers, managers, people on Furlough and business owners. Each have their own personal set of challenges. The theme that runs through many of their situations, is confidence.

So over the course of the next few weeks, I will pose questions and exercises, to help you understand what confidence is and how you can grow yours.

First important thing to consider, is the time and space you give yourself for the questions. Often my clients realise that when they question, “why is this happening”, or "what am I supposed to do now”, rather than consider their answer they quickly get on with doing something they or someone else believes they should do. After all, whos’ got time to sit and think?

So, identify a time, 10-15 minutes will do, more if you have it, when you won’t be interrupted or distracted by external influences. Even better take yourself to somewhere you always feel calm, maybe, a favourite spot in the woods, or by the river.

The questions that follow today, and over the coming weeks, are designed to help you tailor your actions, giving you the best chance to grow your confidence and achieve.

My first set of questions will help you understand your motivation for growing your confidence. When you can picture, your confident, successful self, you will have a reason to focus on your true responses. If you find your mind wondering, that’s ok, recognise it has wondered and gently bring your focus back to the question.

  • What would you be capable of with improved confidence?

  • What could you achieve?

  • How would your life / business be different if your confidence was high?

  • What would you like to achieve if your confidence allowed you?

  • What would an improved confidence mean to you?

Write your thoughts down and refer back to them a few times over the course of the week.

You might find they evolve, and could change completely, that’s ok.

If you find this difficult, go easy on yourself. Enjoy the peace, and come back to it later.

Once you have a set idea of the possibilities, capture it, continue to think about it, and next week we’ll take the next step to making it your reality.

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