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Why Coaching?

The mind is like water. When it's turbulent it's difficult to see; when it's calm everything becomes clear.


Are you struggling to keep all the plates spinning?


You are not alone.

through coaching you can:

  • grow self awareness and develop self mastery – essential for achieving in any arena

  • clarify your perspectives and establish a clear order of priorities - according to your own definition of success

  • identify your next steps with an internal motivation to ensure you deliver

  • take time out from the day-to-day to focus on what really matters

  • raise your sights to tackle big challenges confidently

  • overcome the barriers that have been getting in your way for years

  • feel refreshed and reinvigorated


Be the strongest, happiest, most loving and successful version of yourself?


Be the person you want to be…


come and spend some time with a coach

Meet Ali...

I became a coach more than 10 years ago when I realised the power of coaching for myself.  I experienced many of the challenges that face most professionals today, the desire to be the best parent, partner, child, sibling, employee, manager, leader and citizen.

I also experienced personal and professional disruption when I recognised a disconnect between what was wanted and expected of me and what felt right for me. 


What motivates, drives and fulfils me today is supporting others to achieve contentment in whatever area of their life they are currently focused on. I am committed to supporting my clients to achieve whatever it is they want. Whether their focus is professional or personal, I work to develop their sense of what is right for them, and how they can live successfully and happily by their own definitions.


When a client no longer needs my support and has successfully developed their own self-coaching techniques, I know I have been successful.  And love it when they recognise the value of coaching and come back for support with another area.


I would love for everyone to recognise their own capability, apply it where they can experience most satisfaction and apply the confidence in their professional and personal lives.


I have a real personal interest in the science behind the work that I do and have a particular interest in what neuroscience has to tell us about the way the brain and body work. I am always happy to share the science behind a question, technique or exercise that I might be using.

My qualifications include:

BEd Hons with QTS from Kingston University - I spent several years as a primary school teacher.

Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University.

MBTI step 1 practitioner and a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).


You are what you do…not what you say you’ll do...



Sooz Gilson

Ali's approach is really helpful to me, I feel she responds to the answers I give, without agenda, allowing me to explore and rationalise my thinking, and find direction to move things forward in a positive way.

Dr Ceri Baber

“I was so glad that I went to Ali for help. Her questions helped me to work through the problem and recognise what was going on which enabled me to get to the bottom of it. It completely turned the situation around for me. 

Helen Molyneux

I wholeheartedly recommend Ali to help you gain clarity and see things in a different way. In just one session Ali asked a question that made me stop and think and re-evaluate my perception of an old issue. Completely transformational.



When you focus on the good, the good gets better...

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