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What to expect from a coaching session...

Coaching is the creation of time and space, to explore your own thoughts, assumptions, and needs, and work out how you move forward, and achieve your goals. This doesn’t have to be at the expense of everything you have become familiar with over the years. 

Change can seem scary, but sometimes we recognise that allowing things to stay the same, is worse.


Coaching allows you to clarify what you want, understand why you want it, and identify the best way to get it, putting you in control.

Coaching is the challenging and confidential support of a trusted ally who believes in your capacity to achieve. By creating a safe space away from the distractions of work or home, where you can get your perspectives clear and your priorities in order. Coaching is about provoking new insight, which in turn leads to new behaviour and desired results

A coach will ask questions, suggest thought-provoking exercises, share observations, and may explain a theory. All of which are designed to challenge you, your assumptions and your perspectives.  The aim is to help you understand yourself and your actions more clearly.

As a Myers Briggs practitioner, I have the opportunity to use a personality profiling tool with my clients, which can act as a useful starting point for clarifying personality preferences, and their impact on context in which you find yourself.

Finding the right coach is important and so I offer a free 45 minute session where we spend time finding out a bit about each other.

If at the end of the call,  you think you’d like to work with me, and I believe I can help, then we would talk about the next steps.

If you have already looked for or spoken to other coaches, you might have seen or heard some incredibly expensive rates. Please don’t be put off.  I aim to make coaching accessible, whilst respecting the qualifications and experience that  I and others have.

Depending on the topic, we will agree on an initial number of sessions, spaced appropriately. This can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. At the end of this initial period, we will review where you’re at against your goals.

I rate my own performance as a coach on my client’s ability to develop self-coaching skills in the area that they have presented. Whilst my clients have returned with different topics for support, I enjoy seeing my clients go on to grow and flourish, in part, as a result of the self-reflection skills they have developed through working with me. 

Sessions can take place face-to-face, over the phone, or virtually via a conferencing platform such as zoom. So location is no barrier to working with me, so long as there is a decent internet connection.


Through my own personal experience I have found that when my mind is a muddle, my clearest thoughts come from being active; walking the dog in the lovely Welsh borders countryside, being creative in the kitchen or whilst crafting, or whilst exercising.  If you recognise this in yourself, then logistics allowing, this is something we can build into our work together.

You are always in control of your coaching.  My interest is in helping you achieve your ideal outcomes.

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