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Personal Coaching

Mid-life / life event coaching

We all experience challenges through life, and many find mid-life a particular challenge. These can leave us feeling disorientated, confused, and listless. Working with me you will have the time  to reflect, in  a supportive, non-judgemental  space, and clarify priorities, and values, re-establishing a sense of purpose and direction.

Work life balance

Many people take huge pride in their work, and as a result sometimes discover work takes a disproportionate amount of their time and energy. It can take a toll on our health and relationships but can be a really difficult habit to break. I can help you review and re-establish priorities, enabling you to create a work life balance that allows you to thrive.

Cross roads coaching

When we’re faced with life choices, it can be difficult to consider the options holistically. I can help you consider all your options, identify pro and cons of each in the context of your circumstances, values, and priorities. This can include but is not limited to: careers, education, and relationships.

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