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Define Confidence

Having spent some time last week considering your potential, what the possibilities are once your confidence has grown, maybe even daydreaming. Its time to take the next step to turn those possibilities into reality.

There is no set order in which to explore this, usually with a client, they would identify which direction we go in, based on what makes sense for them. There is also a degree of toing and froing between questions, as an individual’s understanding and self-awareness grows. without being able to do that, we’re going to look at the elements in an order that makes sense to me, but you might find the order isn’t quite right for you. That’s ok, you can move back and forth between the articles in the order that makes sense to you.

Today I want to explore what confidence looks like for you.

How would you define confidence?

How will you know your confidence has grown?

Consider your definition and measures in relation to you, if you find reference to others creeping in, try and consider ways of bringing the focus back to you. what will you do, what will you feel, how will you feel?

You may find this difficult. We have become so used to considering ourselves in comparison with others, friends, relatives, colleagues, bosses, even TV characters or personalities.

If you were to behave like them, how do you think you’d feel. behaviours you perceive to be confidence in others, may not translate into confidence for you, it might not even be confidence in them. I’ve worked with many people, who have come to recognise that their most outgoing, and outspoken self is not actually a confident self.

Confidence can take time to understand, and develop in relation to you, but by focusing on what it is you’re working towards you are a step closer to realising it.

Just defining what confidence means to you, will in itself grow your confidence, you will know what you want, and not in relation to someone else, but in a way that you recognise and can be comfortable with.

Next week, we’ll explore ways of turning your confidence goal into a more confident you.

If you’re finding this interesting, and want to explore in a way that is tailored to you, please get in touch.

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