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Updated: Mar 20, 2020


So I was plannning a very different business launch. As you can imagine, now is not the best time to be trying to start a business. Then I thought for a moment, what I have in terms of skills and time to support those affected by this global uncertainty, might be needed more now than ever.

To this end I want to offer all my coaching capacity to those who need it for free.

Panic and muddled thinking can be really distressing, and affect your whole life and the lives of those around you, and not just your immediate family and neighbours, but the wider community. If you feel a sense of panic, if you are struggling to think straight, desperate to know what the coming weeks and months might bring, coaching can offer you the space to rationalise your thoughts, prioritise and contextualise your needs and create a plan that gives you some peace of mind.

Coaching can’t give you answers. No one can predict the future or make promises about outcomes, but if you recognise that you are distressed, and open to exploring ways to relieve it, then let's chat.

Some of us might be facing decisions we never dreamed of having to make, whether that be about isolating, needing to prioritise care or how to manage our budgets, businesses or time. Coaching can provide a safe space to explore those decisions and the impact they might have on your wellbeing, identifying ways to ensure you remain in control.

If you are facing difficult decisions, or troubled by decisions you’ve already made, then please get in touch.

I believe that humans are resourceful and strong, even when they don’t feel it. Coaching can help you tap into those recourses, and find that strength. I would like to support anyone who thinks coaching might help them.

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