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How to Accept Fear

Take ten minutes to do this thinking exercise to really understand how you’re feeling and how it could be affecting you now, in this time of heightened anxiety.

By doing this you will help to put a name to the anxiety and so allow it to move out of your head space.

Get yourself a cuppa…

It might help to focus on this beautiful image while you think.

What are you scared of and why?

How is your fear serving you? What is it doing to ensure your happiness, health and wellbeing?

How is it burdening you? What is it doing to undermine your happiness, health and wellbeing?

How does fear feel for you? I mean physically, if you close your eyes and pay attention to your body, where is your fear sitting? How do you feel about your fear?

Where is your courage?

When were you at your most courageous or brave?

What was that feeling like, where does your courage sit?

What would your courage say to your fear right now?

If you are struggling to find your courage, think about what it would be saying if you could find it?

Remember, your feelings are unique to you, notice I’m not asking what your friend’s, brother’s, mother’s courage would be saying.

Your feelings and emotions are OK. They come from your brain and are your brain’s best attempt at predicting what you need to feel in order to thrive.

As the Media keeps pointing out, our current situation is unprecedented. Our brains have no exact previous experience upon which to draw and so it can’t know the best thing to do.

So your brain will be drawing upon experiences that are different to this, but are the only source of data it has upon which it will stream hormones and chemicals around your body, making you feel afraid, confused, or agitated.

When you are feeling this, all your thinking will be affected by it.

So how can you manage this fear and allow your thinking and actions to be in true service of your health, wealth and wellbeing?

Recognise the disturbance you are feeling.

Name it.

Accept it, as your brains best attempt to help.

Then allow it to move along, so you can feel your courage once more and use it bring balance and sustainable benefits for you and as a consequence to those closest to you, as well as your wide community indirectly.

If you need support to do this exercise this is something I can help with. Please take advantage of my offer to help people through the coronavirus pandemic for free. Please contact me if you would like my support.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the process. x

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